EFT stands for Emotional Freedom Technique or it’s more commonly known as Tapping. Tapping interrupts our body’s stress response. The subconscious’s job is to keep us alive and breathing; surviving not thriving. When our body perceives a threat, it turns on our stress response so that we can fight or run to stay alive. There are a couple of problems with this response though. The first one is that our body can’t tell the difference between an actual tiger on our butt, or us just thinking about a tiger on our butt. When we are anxious about having a difficult conversation with someone or worried about getting a project done, it turns on our stress response.

The second problem is that almost everything that got downloaded into our subconscious happened before the age of eight. This means that most of our beliefs about ourselves and the world are “hard-wired” in before we can safely cross the street on our own. That’s great for the beliefs that match up with our wants and desires, not so great for the ones that don’t. Tapping interrupts our bodies stress response by stimulating (tapping) with two fingers on acupressure points (high concentrations of nerve endings), on our body so that instead of being in survival mode we stay in relaxation response, even though we are thinking or talking about the problem. Now we have access to our whole creative, problem-solving brain. Now we can see things from other perspectives. Now we can uncover limiting beliefs, change them so that match up with our wants and desires. The best things about tapping are; that it works quite often when nothing else will, it’s specific and measurable and it’s easy! Sign up on the homepage for the free instructions, audio to tap along with and other great tools to help you get started. Tap Your Crap so that you can start living a life you love!