What some of my clients have to say about www.TapYourCrap.com

"I’ve been much better and my ability to have confidence in my voice and speak improves each day. I’ve noticed a substantial change and its very exciting. It kind of feels as though things are loosening up in my chest.The words just pop out sometimes! I still get quite nervous talking with some people but if I keep progressing at this rate, I’ll only get better.

I can’t thank you enough for all that you have done for me. The freedom I experience now is amazing. I’m crying as I write this because I’m completely overwhelmed with happiness. I believe in myself now and I know that there is hope for me. The new life that you have given me is indescribable. I cannot find words for what I am feeling. It sounds silly but I feel like I was lost for so long but I’m here now.  You have changed my life and I am so grateful. I didn’t realize before how much I was restricting myself and how much I have to offer the world. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

I sincerely hope that you are healthy and happy. I don’t know where I would be now in my life if you hadn’t come into it. Thank you for finding me"

T.L. Vernon, BC – Canada


"Through tapping, and with Sherry’s wise and gentle guidance, I have been able to let go of past issues relating to my family, conquer fear in my business and find a general sense of well being I can’t ever remember having. My husband often remarks that I seem calmer and more confident than he’s ever seen me; and its true. As I shed the issues I am also shedding the pounds and couldn’t be happier with the overall results I’m achieving through tapping and working with Sherry Lukey."

Sandy M.; Kelowna, BC


"I contacted Sherry Lukey at www.TapYourCrap.com for help at a very difficult time in my life.  I didn’t know much about tapping, but I had heard good things about Sherry, so I decided to give it a try.  My husband had been struggling with a chronic illness that had kept him from working for over 2 years, we were dealing with losing a parent to cancer and due to all this stress and illness, financially, things were not good.

Sherry gave me back my sanity.  She showed me a way to deal with all this stress and enjoy life again.  Not only has tapping give me the skills to manage my stress, but financially things have been improving and so has my husband’s health because our life is no longer ruled by stress.

Life can be difficult sometimes, but when you have a skill like tapping to help you cope with and relieve stress, it doesn’t become overwhelming.  That was the gift that Sherry gave me.  I would highly encourage anyone who is looking for a healthy way of dealing with stress and overcoming life’s obstacle to contact Sherry with Tapping Infinite Potential.  It will be the most empowering and rewarding gift you can ever give yourself."

A.D.; Coldstream, BC


“Working with Sherry has been a great honor. She is amazingly talented EFT Practitioner, with a  warmth and genuine heart that shines thru in each session creating a safe space for healing. She has this wonderful ability to gently but quickly guide her clients to deep and meaningful insights that bring lasting results!!! Thank you Sherry for sharing your gifts with me!”

Sarah Vanderheiden; Carlsbad, CA


"It is difficult to put words on it, but I just feel absolutely complete with the past. When I try to put anything through the old belief that you helped me find, everything just feels peaceful. I feel completely present and thinking about how am I feeling right now and what do I want to create in my life. There is just no reference for the past, it is completely neutral, no blame, no rationale, not attachments, it’s just done. I’ve never had this experience before, I finally feel free of my past. I can’t thank you enough!"

Gord Espeseth; Vancouver, BC


"Some of you might know that quite recently, I discovered EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) and how amazingly it helps with letting go of past programming that can keep us trapped for a very long time. Thank you, Sherry Lukey of www.TapYourCrap.com for working with me and empowering me to support myself whenever I need it. Right before the event, I tapped on feeling nervous and putting out there the possibility of connecting with people at the event in a more authentic way. I tapped on feeling insecure about how I would fit in with the 120 guests, VIPs and media that would be present, and my worry around a preconceived idea that events like this tend to be snobbish and not wanting to be snubbed.
I had such a blast. Another proof that often, it is our own perception of things that keep us trapped in misery. When you welcome the world with an openness and authenticity and give to it from a place of love, the world hugs you back."

Jenn Co-McMillen; Vancouver, BC


"Thank you so much for helping this weekend Sherry (At a 3-day horseback riding competition). You calmed my nerves and got me to a point in which I was able to have fun. Although I made a mistake, I was able to accept myself for the first time. Thank you for giving me this new power!"

S.K.; Vernon, BC