Reboot for 10 Week Graduates Program


The 10-Week Graduates' Group Program is offered to clients who have completed a 10-week program with me. In this program, you will focus on identifying and clearing the blockages in your life, setting boundaries, and making yourself a priority!

 What is Included?

  • A total of 8 live, online group sessions done through Skype.
  • 8 supplemental audios, sent out after each session.
  • 8 worksheets to help guide your own healing, sent out several days prior each session.

The Specifics:

  • The group will have a maximum of 6 participants to ensure a personal and emotionally safe environment.
  • The program runs for four months.

The Schedule:

1) What’s Not Working?

Is there an area(s) that needs a bit of tweaking, or maybe more than a bit of tweaking? In this module, we’ll identify and break down the area(s) that aren’t working.


2) Beliefs About Your Barriers

What limiting beliefs are creating barriers to you experiencing what you want? Time to break through to the other side!


3) Listening to Your Body

If you’re not sure if something is right for you your body has the answers. Now let’s learn to speak your body’s language.

4) Your “Energy Units” and Where You are Spending Them

In this module, we’ll go over the analogy of the hourglass, and get you back to living in the top half.


5) How to Set Boundaries 101

Learn where to draw your line in the sand and not move it. Here you’ll learn how to set effective boundaries with yourself.

6) “Unteaching” People How to Treat You

Recognizing that you’ve taught people how to treat you is empowering because if you’ve taught them, you can unteach them. In this module, you’ll receive the tools for unteaching people how to treat you.


7) Putting Yourself First

When you’ve spent a long time putting other’s needs ahead of yours, changing this pattern can feel incredibly uncomfortable and guilt provoking. Get ready to get comfortable feeling uncomfortable.

8) Creating Your Future

Where do you want to be in one year? Five years? Ten years? It only takes a one-degree adjustment on a compass to end up at an entirely different destination. Creating your future is easier than you think.


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  • 4 Monthly Payments of $161.75 + GST

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