New to Tap Your Crap Program

 Never Tapped Your Crap?

The New to Tap Your Crap Group Program focuses on learning the basics of EFT/Tapping, exploring and clearing the blockages that prevent you from living a life you love, and teaching you how to continue tapping on your own!

What is Included?

  • A total of 8 live, online group sessions done through Skype.
  • 8 supplemental audios, sent out after each session.
  • 8 worksheets to help guide your own healing, sent out several days prior each session.

The Specifics:

  • The group will have a maximum of 6 participants to ensure a personal and emotionally safe environment.
  • The program runs for four months.

The Schedule:

1) Why Tapping Works and How to Tap

EFT/Tapping has its roots in ancient Chinese acupressure, practiced successfully for thousands of years. It’s the perfect combination of Western Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, and Eastern techniques. In this module, you’ll learn why tapping is so effective, and how to do it on your own.


2) Making Space for Success

You’ve tried everything and nothing changes, or maybe it works but the changes don’t last. Let’s clear all the doubt and fear that tapping won’t work either.


3) Listening to Your Body

If you’re not sure if something is right for you your body has the answers. Now let’s learn to speak your body’s language.


4) Peeling Back the Layers of Crap A.K.A. “the Shrek Onion”

Sometimes crap covers up other crap, that covers up even more crap. In this module, we’ll start to peel back the layers to reveal the connections and underlying beliefs with what’s not working in your life.


5) Clearing the Core Beliefs

Here's where the real "fun" begins. We get to look at what's at the core of all those layers we peeled back in Module 4.


6) Your “Energy Units” and Where You are Spending Them

Do you feel completely spent at the end of the day and not much better in the morning?  In this module, you'll learn about the analogy of the hourglass, and how to start living in the vibrant top-half.


7) How to Set Boundaries 101

Setting healthy, effective boundaries starts with making and keeping promises to yourself. Learn where to draw your line in the sand and not move it.


8) Tapping as a Part of Your Daily Routine and Recognizing When You Need to Tap

Just like you have to brush your teeth every day, it’s imperative that you clean your emotions daily in order to have “good emotional hygiene.” In addition to cultivating your regular tapping routine, in this module, you’ll learn when to use tapping as an emotional SOS.

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  • 2 Payments of $365.95 + GST

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